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That Is why we provide our members and partnering organisations with webinars and sessions led by industry professionals and SunrIde engineers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to research, design and manufacture innovative rockets.

We take pride in hosting the largest rocketry training in the UK, counting over 200 sign ups and being accessible to 5 different Universities.

We offer over 40 hours of learning each year, with a total of 15 sessions open to anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of rocketry, from rocket theory and Fusion 360 design, to CFD, FEA, manufacturing and avionics. We also provide a series of guest lectures, along with competitions and social events. Upon completion of our training, participants will be rewarded with a certificate and an invite for a personal interview to join our project.

We are committed to making space exploration more accessible to all students in the UK and to providing them with the necessary tools to become successful rocket engineers.

The Society Committee

Yannis Papaioannou

Kimberley Mainprize 

Operations Officer

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