What are we?

Sheffield Space Initiative

The Sheffield Space Initiative (SSI) is a highly cross-disciplinary space technology project that is now developing a real heritage of success for the University of Sheffield and our STEM students in particular. It aims to share knowledge and experience of this exciting industry through research-led teaching methods. SSI has now also forged partnerships with other institutions in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

We anticipate that further development of this initiative will lead to:

The Sheffield Space Initiative was founded in 2017 to further engage the University of Sheffield students in the science and engineering challenges involved in the exploration of space. Currently there are 12 staff members from ACSE, MechEng, SoMaS and IPE departments involved in the SSI projects as mentors and more than 120 students from Faculties of Engineering and Sciences

SSI consists of five different projects all within the remit of space exploration. These projects are not only important for participating University students, but also provides an excellent opportunity for the University academics to test their ideas which can be used for grant research applications to UKRI.

In addition, the projects are excellent showcases for the University of Sheffield and departmental publicity. 

We work with:

The SSI inspires the next generation of space engineers and scientists. Through our collaboration with other UK HE institutes, we transfer our knowledge and expertise in student-led space research-related projects.